Aren’t these pages funny? You’re supposed to write about yourself, when so slight words couldn’t do anyone justice. But here are just a few paragraphs (okay, maybe a few more than just a few, but I vow not to judge you for skimming).

My husband, Matt, and I met at church in Auburn, Alabama (War Eagle!). He was my Freshman Small Group leader and I have a thing for Godly men. Tall Godly men. With slightly curly hair. Mmmm. We dated for three years, graduated, moved back to my hometown of Newnan, and were married on “the twelfth of October, 2013” (according to the invitation).

People say the first year of marriage is the hardest. To that I say, “Ha!” probably a little too smugly. Because we had a great start to our marriage. I thought (mostly to myself) “People must just not know how to do it.” Then, on September 26, 2014 Matt had a seizure, which led us to find a BRAIN TUMOR (I put it in capitol letters because it was a big deal.) He went through brain surgery, and now he is undergoing treatment for brain cancer for at least a year.

In one instant, our lives were completely changed. Things that once were important seemed empty and we now focus on things that we would have thought laughable before. We have become, in totality. “THOSE PEOPLE.” It started with whole foods. Then it was organics, then it was growing our own food. Then more plants in the house, then salt rocks, then essential oils (can you see how I can become obsessive over things? A full-blown lifestyle overhaul is no exception). And through it you know what we figured out? Living this way takes more time.

That is precisely why “people” don’t live this way anymore. It isn’t convenient. God pulled us out of our convenient, easy, smug little first year of marriage and spoke to the desires of our heart. Prior to the BRAIN TUMOR, I had a job that I was fine with. It was fun and creative and for a church, with flexible hours, what more could I want? (To be a housewife, just like Dobby, oh wait…). I am a 23-year-old housewife now. I cook real food to fuel my husband’s body to fight any cells that would harm him. I watch over our garden and am amazed at God’s creation every day. I clean. I read. I design. I love crafts and DIY projects and I am starting to make my own clothes ( I told you I’ve become one of them.) And all of the sudden, I am happier with less. And somehow the things that take up so much time in my life have become my favorite pastimes.


Through our journery, we have always said the positivies outweigh the negatives. Our faith has been spurred on. Our hearts are fuller than we ever thought possible. God is faithful. God Provides. God heals.



One Response to “About”

  1. jacobemet

    I’m honored to be a spectator of your written life and lessons. There is so much truth and treasure in your posts and pages. I love finding precious gems! Shalom.



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