Blessed are Those Wait

This weekend was one of thoses time that I was reminded of how many godly women surround me. Specifically, my mom, my aunt, my mother-in-law and my sweet friend Velinda. I had a surreal few days in the most amazing way, and each one of them directed all of the praise and glory to the Lord. AND THAT, my friends is so incredible. Because this thing was not a “spiritual” thing. It had to do with a frivolous desire of my heart, but that doesn’t make it any less of a God thing.

SO… the thing:

There is a local antique store here that has THE BEST stuff. Really beautiful pieces from centuries ago that make you want to pick up and move in. It has been a part of my town for as long as I can recall and it actually holds one of my most favorite birthday memories: getting to skip school, stand in the longest line to get a Princess Diana beanie baby (which I still have, by the way. Say what you will, but one day it will be worth something) with my mom and Mrs. Jo, and afterwards getting to eat little sandwiches in the Jasmine Tea Room that occupied one of the rooms. It also has housed a 18th century french armoire for years and I fell in love with it during the summer before I was married.

What makes this piece SO incredibly special is it is signed by Germain Bazin, the chief curator to The Louvre (in the 50s and 60s). You know, the insane museum in France? That Louvre. It was the 13th piece signed in and wow. It is insanely beautiful and it had the price tag to match. It was at the moment I saw it, that I decided I had to have one. And since then, I have been searching for an armoire that was in my price range, that had some of the beauty of the one I had found. And I found them. But I would always compare it to the one I loved so much at this little antique store. It just wasn’t the same. And I could never bring myself to take the plunge and get one. We would joke, that if we won the lottery, it would be the first thing I bought. But how many people win the lottery? How many people win the lottery that never buy a ticket?

I was on Facebook on Thursday, and their page said that the store was closing, everything is 30% off. So I called up my mom and said we had to go see what they had. I told Matt that if they had the armoire 50% off I had to get it and he sarcastically said, ‘yeah babe, if they have it 50% off.” Because there is no way it was going to be priced at that much of a discount. And sure enough, it wasn’t.

Now, I’m a pretty timid person. I don’t like to ask for a deal and I am not a haggler. But my mom convinced me to just ask if they were going to put it on sale. They said no, but to check back in a week or two, and it might be different. No biggie. But I did get just a little excited about the prospect of it still being there in a week. It hadn’t sold in the past four years, so I had a chance.

I chatted with the sales lady about the piece, told her how long I had wanted it, and what my budget was (she laughed), and moved on. About an hour later (this place really is huge), my mom told me that a man was looking for me and wanted to talk with me about the armoire.

I was pretty anxious, because I didn’t want to offend him when I told him that I loved it, but can’t buy it for anything close to what the price tag said.  We talked about the piece for five re so minutes, He showed me the tag where it was signed in to The Louvre. He asked me is I liked the color and ya’ll, no one on God’s green earth could not like the color. It is the deepest richest wood you can imagine. It is so gorgeous. Then he turned to me and said, “I couldn’t let it go to anyone less in love with this piece.” He offered it to me at such a discount, SUCH A DISCOUNT, that my vision blurred because of the tears that I couldn’t not control.

This is not a right place at the right time story. This is God, knowing His daughter needed reminding that He saw her. That her happiness means something to Him. That He can do things that seem and are impossible to us. That He delights in our joy. That when we wait on Him, He will show up in the craziest, most insanely implausible ways. That is this story.


We live in a great little 3-bedroom home, but we find ourselves longing for great wide open spaces. And it can get tough to hold fast to the promise that God’s way, His plan is always the best FOR us, but absolutely the best TO us. We want to muscle our way into a farm. In our own power. “If we save enough. If we give up the location we want. If we give up some of the acreage we dream of.” NO. We are over and done with believing our dreams, THAT WE KNOW God has given us, are too big. They aren’t. Because I am sitting here, looking at an armoire that is old enough, should Beauty and The Beast been a real-life thing, it could have been there. I have this piece of furniture, in my little house, that takes up almost the whole living room. I have it. It is mine. And I didn’t win the lottery. I didn’t come into money. I didn’t even save every extra penny and put it towards this purchase. No. God met me. He sees me. He knows me. And I am coming into an inheritance that puts this armoire to shame. And my eyes were opened to that this weekend.

My aunt’s response when I told her about my day was, “I have Jesus bumps and tears in my eyes. This is a God thing. He knows our hearts, even in the small things. God loves to see us happy and He knew this would bring your heart joy. He loves you.” – YES. AMEN. 100 TIMES!

“Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!” – Isaiah 30:18

Thank you Lord for your graciousness and your compassion. We will wait for you.



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