Draw Near to Hymn

In light of recent events, everyone seems to have their own opinion about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket. And maybe so. But this morning I am sharing nothing but pure joy, and beauty, and light.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus card mockup

I grew up with a Mrs. Katie. An ever present joy at church. The first to lend a hand and offer her services, she was and still is a beloved member of our extended church family. We were brought even closer when our love for adventure and the Lord collided and we went on a mission trip to London together just over seven years ago.

under his wings mockup

Even still, God brings us closer today. Mrs. Katie has been the realest version of compassion and care as we have walked through brain cancer. How? She has been there herself watching her husband fight (and win) against cancer, and now as he is plagued with dementia. A beautiful artist and a graceful soul, this is her story:

“I am a self-professed late bloomer. For as long as I can remember, my highest ambition was to love my God, my friends, and my family with my unique brand of energetic creativity. Not long after my my husband, Bob, and I moved to Newnan, he gave me painting lessons for my 60th birthday, little knowing what his gift would mean in the months to come.

Love lifted me mockup
That year, Bob was diagnosed with cancer, and painting became my therapy. As I cared for Bob, I honed my skill and developed my own style. I eventually began painting on hymnal pages and giving my creations to others who were going through illness or hard times. I was delighted to find that my little paintings encouraged people’s hearts as much as creating them encouraged mine. When my stash of old hymnals began to run low, friends and family prompted me to print cards from original paintings. One thing led to another, an what began as a hobby has become a small cottage industry!

It is well with my soul 2 mockup

I hope you’re encouraged by the words of these old hymns and the colorful way I’ve illustrated them!”

Jesus Loves me mockup

I have been entrusted to steward her Etsy shop so that Mrs. Katie can spend her time taking care of Mr. Bob and loving him well. In my effort to serve her well, I will be sharing her pieces weekly. They are beautiful and meaningful. Check out her entire line of greeting cards and prints here. I encourage you to read through lyrics if you don’t know the hymn. You never know the power words can have on brightening your heart!


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