Sentiment is not my Strongsuit

We have made quite a habit of celebrating the small things. Big holidays are fun, but most of the time they are filled with stress and travel. Nothing compares to little celebrations spent at home, just the two of us. Things like, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, First date Anniversaries, Engagement anniversaries (we are really into annual remembrances). Those are our jam.


Yesterday we celebrated our three year engage-a-versary. Make fun if you want, but we like an excuse to cook a nice dinner and get each other some fun gifts off of our wishlist. What started out as a nice steak dinner ended up being Matt cooking steaks in the rain, me forgetting the kind of potatoes we had agreed on eating and cooking two of the 764 sweet potatoes that currently reside in our shoebox of a pantry and a realization that while in the budget making process, I had cut out butter. My bad babe. Butter just didn’t make the cut. Best laid plans.


During dinner we had a fun round of 20 questions that made both of us giggle like school girls. Because sweetness just does that to a person. I will give you a little peek of how that went. Understand that generally speaking, only one person in a relationship gets to be the sentimental one. I am not that person.


What do you remember most about the day we got engaged:

Me: Making out in my front yard, then realizing it was caught on camera.

Matt: The way your face looked, when you read the last page of the book I made that asked if you would marry me. (see what I mean. Get. It. Together. Girl.)


Let’s just say that it was funny and sweet and made me realize once again, why I agreed to a life tied to him. Three years is not a long time. We don’t have knowledge or wisdom to impart on anyone, but we do know this:


We are not the same people we were three years ago. If they walked by and even stopped to say hello, I don’t know that we would recognize them and not even because he is 30 pounds thinner she is wearing makeup and I can’t even bring to mind where my makeup bag resides now. Or because my legs haven’t seen that much sun in the three years combined. We walked bravely into marriage being told by most everyone, “marriage is SO hard,” “it’s worth it but get ready,” “you will have to make the decision to love each other, because you won’t want to.” We were basically terrified that the other would morph in the middle of the night into some stranger of a person with a bad attitude and a raging temper, but that didn’t happen. No, what we got instead was added strength when we needed it, 100 times the laughter, a messier house, someone to walk with, play cards with, watch tv with, go on adventures with. We gained our advocates, encouragers, dancing partners, warriors, midnight watchmen and secret keepers. We are not staring our enemy in the eyes when we are lying in bed, we are staring at our completion.


Here is to the anniversary of our engagement and I would still say yes. And this time, I would move out of the camera shot before planting on on ya babe.



2 Responses to “Sentiment is not my Strongsuit”

  1. Diane Snow

    This is so precious!!! A testimony about a Christian marriage!!!

    I love the humor, the personal , honest stories!

    But, wait!!!! I am sentimental, how did your engagement anniversary slip by me!!!!!

    July 30th?

    Happy Engagement Anniversary!!!!

    I love you both so much and love you so much together!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. jacobemet

    Ironically sentimental. 😉 Congrats on three years and a precious thirty more to come. Life is so much more complete with a complimentary companion. 🙂 Shalom.

    Liked by 1 person


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