Patience and Purple Hull Peas

There is nothing like sowing seeds. Not. A. Thing. You think I am exaggerating? Go out and spend a few hundred dollars on seeds , dig a trench, throw that money seed in  and cover it up with a little more dirt. Do you feel it? The anticipation of something so good. Life-giving stuff. And also the potential for failure. For your seeds to rot in the ground.

We plant seeds every day don’t we? Seeds in the form of hope. Prayers we send up. Gestures towards neighbors. Dreams we work on quietly for fear they won’t come to fruition. No. More. No more doubt when sowing seeds.

Seeds grow. They take care and time and a gentle touch, but they grow.

We had our very first harvest this week. Two pounds of pea sprouts. Perfect for salads and juicing and yum.


We have five rows of purple hull peas. Five rows that are over 100 feet in length to feed four people. No one in my family eats that many purple hull peas. Let’s just say ordering the seeds was left up to a certain someone who has no idea what she is doing is a beginner. So we have a few tomato plants, a few peppers. And five rows of purple hull peas.

But that is okay because we can share.

There is something almost sacred about gardening. It takes you back. Working the earth with your hands. It is cleansing and completing at the same time.

A time for reflection. Prayer. Please grow. Please live. Please provide.

gardening photo 2

“Indeed, your threshing will last for you until grape gathering, and grape gathering will last until sowing time You will thus eat your food to the full and live securely in your land.” Leviticus 26:5



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