Grow Baby Grow


One question. Why does the world get up so early? I am NOT, nor will I EVER be, a morning person. That being said, I am not a night person either. Middle of the day. Let’s say from 10-5. Those are the perfect hours for anything. Oh to be able to sleep until 10.

Instead my alarm goes off at 6:45am. I know, I know. That time seems like sleeping in for most people, but I am not “most people.” I used to get up because I needed to drive Matt to work. Turns out when you have a seizure because of a brain tumor, you can’t drive for six months. Happy six months baby.

He is off and driving on his own now and I still get up at 6:45am to make breakfast and lunch and see him before he goes off to his big boy job in his big boy car to do big boy stuff. I digress.

So I get more stuff done in my day than I ever have before. Including starting my gardening. I now what it is like to pray for crops to grow. Grow baby grow.


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